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Elektronische Sigaretten

Timeline of Events related to E-Sigaretten (2003-2012)

2003: Launch of the first e-sigaretten, developed in Beijing, China, by Hon Lik, a pharmacist of 52 years, inventor and smoker. The invention follows after his father, who was also a smoker, died of lung cancer. The company Golden Dragon Holdings welcomes the project and developed the device by changing the name to Ruyan, which means "like smoking" in Chinese.

April 2006: E-sigaretten are introduced without restrictive laws in Europe.

2006-2007: E-sigaretten are introduced in the United States

March 2008: Ministry of Health of Turkey prohibits the sale and import of e-cigarettes. The Ministry of Health and Director says that e-sigarettens are just as harmful to health, as is the normal smoking.

September 2008: The World Health Organization (WHO) does not consider the e-sigaret a real help to quit smoking environment, as a method insecure and uncertain.

March 2009: In America, the 'FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is opposed to the entry of e-sigarettens in the United States.

May 2009: in the US E-Cigarette Association (ECA) is formed, a trade association consisting of manufacturers of e-sigarat, distributors and retailers, born in defending the rights of smokers.

June 2009: President Barack Obama, in family law and preventing children from smoking (Tobacco Control Act 18), granted the FDA the power to regulate the tobacco industry.

September 2009: In California, a bill is passed to ban the sale of e-sigarettens in the state. Governor Schwarzenegger and actor says that If adults want to purchase and consume these products with an understanding of the health risks associated, should be able to do so unless and until the federal law changes the legal status of these products.

December 2010: The Court of Appeals of the United States in Washington requires that the FDA can only regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product, unless there are no appropriate certified therapeutic indications.

February 2011: The US Department of Transportation, prohibits the use of e-sigaret on airplanes and on railway lines (including bus and taxi), announcing plans to issue an official ban.

April 2011: The FDA regulates E-cigarettes on official the act "Food, Drug and Cosmetics Ac t".

September 2011: The Department of Transportation of the United States officially emits the law prohibiting smoking in all types of public transport.

October 2011: Results of the first clinical trial of e-sigaret comes out, reported in the journal BMC - Public Health: according to the study the e-sigaretten could be more effective than traditional NRT products to quit smoking and can be particularly effective for smokers who are not motivated to quit.

March 2012: In Germany, about 1.2 million users of e-sigaret march peacefully in Duesseldorf in protest to the government that is slow to give a judgment on the issue. The state obtained a law which allows the use and trade of legalized e-sigaretten.


August 2015: In the Netherlands the latest law prohibits selling e-sigaretten with tanks larger then 2.0ML. This makes the Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank the best choice.